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Updated: Apr 12, 2021

What is Moosend

With Moosend you can easily manage multiple email campaigns and mailing lists, as well as design and send striking, responsive newsletters created on the built-in campaign editor and marketing tool. Moosend offers email marketing automation platform, offering email services, lead generation tools, reporting and analytics.

Products and Services

Moosend is a Email Marketing Service Provider. It helps companies operating online to ease the burden of sending their email campaigns. The web app helps companies manage mailing lists, create/send email marketing newsletters and then track results and statistics.

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User-friendly Interface The email tool has a modern graphic environment and an wizard for new customers, taking the user step by step through his first campaign.

API and SMTP integrations Moosend offers a professional SMTP services for marketers who are looking for a quick & clean SMTP integration with their website or app. Maneuver through Moosend’s API and bend Moosend around your own needs. Moosend provides clients to plug in your existing platform.

Advanced features Features such as A/B split testing, click maps, custom fields, sign-up forms, segmentation and real time statistics give companies the opportunity to track users with certain behavior between periods of time, including:

  1. Information from the subscriber (custom fields like date of subscription, gender, age)

  2. Activity on the email newsletter (open-click-device preferences) during periods of time and also

  3. Information from the CRM system displaying the past buying behavior of the subscriber and purchase power.

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Moosend Email Templates

Variety of campaigns to customize. Mobile responsive, where users can also create their own custom templates and save them in the editor library.

Moosend Campaign Editor

Features a drag and drop editor and a variety of elements: Visuals, Text, CTA Buttons, Article, Spacer, Social Share and Social Follow, HTML, Countdown timer, Video, Product Blocks.

In addition, Available Image Picker to add images through the editor (unsplash, social media, drive).

Marketing Automation

Visual workflow builder to create automated workflows like welcome email series, abandoned cart sequences, etc.

Moosend has numerous pred-made recipes, users have at their disposal a series of triggers and actions to create custom workflows for their business.

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Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Moosend offers a deep and detailed campaign reporting, a critical tool to improve your campaigns, to increase your newsletter efficiency and make your overall email marketing reach the levels that it can.

Finding the available reports

Understanding each report

Available for you to use is an arsenal of different reporting options:

  • Overview

  • Recipient Activity

  • Link Performance

  • Email Client & Mobile Devices Tracking

  • Activity By Location

The Overview informs you about the overall statistics of your campaign, including metrics such as Unique Opens, Link Clicks, Unsubscribed recipients and Bounces.

The performance arrows within each of the boxes towards the top of your Overview page, provide you with information on the campaign's performance with regards to its Recipients, Opens, Clicks and Unsubscribes. Therefore the calculation is based on any campaign sent within the last 60 days to at least 1000 recipients.

The Recipient Activity option allows you to see how each recipient in your mailing list interacted with, and reacted to, your email marketing campaign.

The options you see on this page are:

  • Sent Shows the recipients who received your campaign.

  • Opened Shows the recipients who opened your campaign.

  • Not Opened Shows the recipients who haven’t opened your campaign yet.

  • Clicked Shows the recipients who clicked your campaign.

  • Bounced Shows the number of the emails that were not delivered due to a bounce.

  • Unsubscribed Shows the recipients who unsubscribed via your campaign.

  • Complained Shows the recipients who marked your campaign as spam.

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Moosend Pricing

What does Moosend cost? There is a monthly plan and a pay-as-you-go (credits) plan. They have a very royal free email marketing package with 5,000 subscribers and unlimited sending for free! Which includes: * Up to 5k subscribers unlimited sending for FREE, * 5k to 10k subscribers for $40/month, * 10k to 25k subscribers for $80/month

Moosend has a free forever plan for unlimited emails up to 1,000 contacts.

Plaid plans start a $8/month and you get access to the landing page builder, transactional emails, phone support and team members.

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